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Old German violin after Nicolaus Amati     $5300.00

This violin was kept in immaculate condition for years. It is crack free and doesn't show any signs of repair. It is quite unique rarely found instrument.
It has a gorgeous sound well balanced on all layers and strings. The sound is brilliant and the violin is singing with a bright timbre. At the same time it is easy playing and responsive instrument. Currently, the quality of the strings equipped with "Larsen Original". Beautiful flamed one-piece maple back. Very nice brilliant lacquer with pores deeper view of the wood - the beauty of the sound matches perfectly highlight.
Certificate of the instrument expert examination by violin maker from Bubenreuth Germany is provided.

There is an oldish label inside of violin that says:

Copy of Nicolaus Amati
Made in Germany

It is likely made in XX century before WW2.

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