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Guarneri model antique violin after Lodovico Rastelli     $4300.00

This antique violin is in excellent condition. There are no cracks or signs of repair. It is a full size violin 35.5 cm length. It has golden yellow varnish with grained spruce upper and beautiful glowing maple back. Sound is powerful and rich in all the strings. This violin exciting to play.
It labeled

Lodovico Rastelli
in Genova
Faciebat Anno 1839.

Ludovico Rastelli worked in the medieval old town of 19th century Genoa, the home of Niccolo Paganini. He played on Guarneri violin called "il Cannone" due its very powerful sound. After Paganini’s death in 1840, his Guarneri violin, ‘il Cannone’ was gifted to the city of Genoa.
It is probably that Rastelli heard Paganini in concert, and certain that the reputation of Paganini and his violin that was as loud as a Cannon had reached Rastelli by the time he made his violins.
This Guarneri model violin, although is not a copy of ‘il Cannone’, but it possesses the same characteristics of punch and projection as Paganini’s violin.

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