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Beautiful Antonio Stradivari copy

Beautiful Antonio Stradivari copy of Music Instruments violin series.
Full size master made violin. Excellent example of craftsman work. High quality selected tone woods. Antique finish. Timeless Italian old design imitates the violin which looks neither old nor new. Golden Brown Varnish.
It has mellow, velvet, characteristic deep tone. Well responds in all strings. The violin is suitable for advanced players and orchestra.
There is a label inside:

Muse Instruments
Copy of Antonius Stradivarius
Size: 4/4    Made: 2019

Copy of Il Cannone Guarnerius

The master made violin is a modern copy of legendary Il Cannone Guarnerius. Il Cannone is also known by the variants Il Cannone del Gesù, the Cannon, often appended with Guarneri del Gesù, the Guarneri trademark. The violin received its name from a former owner, the Italian violin virtuoso Niccolò Paganini, because of its power and resonance.
This unique instrument demonstrates outstanding quality and tone. The violin has an open and brisk sound. It promptly responds to all strings. It is easy to play instrument suitable for advanced players who want to impress the audience with bright sound.
There is a label inside:

Muse Instruments
Copy of Il Cannone Guarnerius
Size: 4/4    Made: 2019

Full size violin by Roderich Paesold

Beautifully made violin by Roderich Paesold. Flamed with antique finish this instrument has a sonorous, deep and bright sound. The darker tone of violin makes its velvet sound richer. The violin is suitable for advanced players. It has a label:

Roderich Paesold
Bubenreuth anno 2018
Model No. 803 4/4

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